I am feeling genuine insecure in my marital relationship today. My partner and I had a lovely day together the other day. Yesterday, I found some needles in his coat’s pocket, and we aren’t able to interact about it effectively at all.

My husband had treatment today, and I’m sitting at the prayer center, attempting to turn things over, which is giving me a good difficult time.

My partner didn’t come back last night from his “group therapy sessions” regarding Heroin Addiction. He appeared today at 7 am, totally lost while we are interacting. I don’t know what to say; this was making me paranoid. After all these years, the addiction started to come between us. He was making his heroin addiction as a priority above all things. Upon asking about his addiction, he began to harm me on function.

This part is the hardest yet, I believe. I hesitate of other females, and I think my other half may be enjoying me hesitating. We both seem like we owe each other a great deal of injuring.

Currently, we’ve both been insane about his lifestyle issues. He’s not coming to the house and not leaving a note, not calling or picking up the phone and coming home late. All of these things have given me a lot of discomforts, and I don’t understand how to make it stop.

After multiple recovery treatment, when he last came home this night, he wanted us to spend more quality time together and to appreciate each other’s feelings more.

He also told me that he is grateful he’s seeing that I am caring about him more than he deserves. I am pleased to attempt to appreciate his feelings towards me more.

Please God,

Assist me in letting go of this circumstance with my hubby. Please assist me in keeping in mind that it runs out my control and no quantity of weeping, stalking, encouraging, or other adjustments will alter his strategy. When he is all set to change, assist me in relying on that he will develop.

God, please grant me some release from this stress and anxiety. My stomach is churning, and I am having difficulty focusing on the work I require to do for myself. Please fill me with the energy and inspiration to look after myself.

Please assist me in comprehending, to the degree that you would have me understand what is going on with my partner right now. Please help me in seeing when it is time to get out of this marital relationship and assist me in leaving with some generosity and grace. Assist me to know that he is an ill male, and help me to react to his illness from a location of love.

Please, God, assist my other half. Assist him to acknowledge the sweet taste and strength that is in the side, and help him to use it to get himself out of the corner he’s gotten back into.

If it is your will, God, that he be eliminated from my life, please assist me to launch him. Assist me to have faith in your strategy for me, and please help my heart to recover.